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Explanation of Medical Special Needs Levels

If you live in the hurricane evacuation zone, you don't have a ride and you have a disability or special health care need, it is very important for you to dial 2-1-1 now to register for a ride.


Level 1

People who rely on or need others to provide their daily, routine care such as a child under 18 without adult supervision, etc.


Level 2

People who are blind, hearing impaired, deaf/blind, or have an amputation.


Level 3

People who need medical assistance including nursing care and help taking medicine. People who are dependent on equipment or those having mental health disorders.


Level 4

People who are not in a hospital, a long-term care/assisted living facility or state school but require important medical assistance (i.e., IV chemotherapy, ventilator, dialysis, life support equipment, including needing a hospital bed, total care, or who are morbidly obese).


Level 5

People in settings such as a hospital, long-term care/assisted living facility, or a state school. People in the Level 5 category do not need to dial 2-1-1. The nursing home and/or assisted living facility will provide rides for their patients.

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