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Providing alternative transportation services


Track Your Transit!   

Our real-time GPS tracking map shows the current location for all buses for the transit agency. The map is optimized so users may easily find the needed vehicle, route, and stop. Route and vehicle icons are color-coordinated for easy identification. See bus location and arrival information in real-time using our FREE RideSystems Mobile app, available on the IPhone and Android or any other phone carrier app stores, or track your bus online using your computer. Tracking your Transit is easy using the app, computer, or text messaging!



Live Tracking Mobile App.






- App store OR Play store

- Search: Ridesystem

- Install: FREE!

- Type: Harris County OR scroll down and select Harris County

- Track your bus LIVE!








Online Live Tracking Map


Instructions: Visit our Route/Maps section on our web page and click on "Track Your Bus In Real Time" OR CLICK HERE.



Text Message Location Signs



Instructions: Start looking for our new Location Signs at your stop. Riders can text the message to the number provided and will recieve the bus estimate arrival time to that location.





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